'Just another day at the office!' is what went through my mind when I took this selfie of Rob and me. An evening like that is what made us fall in love with the outdoors and photography in the first place: Sitting on a mountain, overlooking a vast, overwhelmingly beautiful landscape, and knowing that we, as photographers, can take a slice of it home with us. One click at a time.

The Remarkables and the Lower Shotover 

The old saying that 'the more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle' applies. We want our students to experience a healthy balance of learning and fun, so our non-shooting hours were spent chasing around Queenstown. We had a long list of locations from shooting here previously. But the nitty-gritty of fitting them into four days required feet on the ground. Not that we needed much of an incentive to go to Queenstown!

The shore of Lake Wakatipu is not short of subjects

Getting some face time with astrophotography legend and Queenstown local Jordan McInally was a special treat. At some stage a spontaneous 600m climb up the Remarkables was in short order considered, approved, and finally rejected due to a lack of sleep, gear and stamina. One of us even forgot his tripod, but I'm not going to tell names. You know who you are!

One of Jordan's special astro places

Rob and I absolutely cannot wait to get on the road in April. While a scouting trip is fun, it is the experience of exploring as a group of enthusiasts that makes these weekends truly special. With an office like that, working weekends is a burden that we will happily put up with.

Moke Lake on a gloomy morning

What: Hero Holiday Queenstown
When: Friday 7/4/2017 - Monday 10/4/2017
Mission: Learn how to plan, shoot and edit your own landscape hero pic
Included: Accommodation, tutoring, handout materials, welcome package, a lot of ideas, a big smile on your face
Price: $1500
There are still a few spaces available. More information here.

Dennis & Jordan looking for the mother of all compositions