Crater Rim in Christchurch has some pretty amazing views across Lyttelton Harbour. Smart as we are, Rob and I had worked out the one day in autumn when the sun seems to rise right out of the mouth of the harbour. So, naturally, we thought we'd share this magic day with our fellow photo geeks. (If you wonder how we managed this incredible feat of foresight, have a look at Rob's article about planning apps

On the Monday before the event we noticed that only a handful of people were signed up. We were totally happy with a more intimate event, but advertised it in a few more photo groups anyway. 

Even though numbers had surged by Friday, it did not prepare us for the utter madness that greeted us at Crater Rim on Saturday morning. 


The scene was almost worthy of the circus at the Church of the Sheppard or the Wanaka Tree on a slow day. An estimated 35ish people had gotten out of bed early to greet the sun with us. What an awesome turnout!

We parked up Summit Road to a point where one poor guy got stuck in a ditch. In the spirit of Top Gear we had to abandon him eventually to get up to our spot in time. Whoever you are, we hope the professionals got you sorted out quickly :)

For Rob and me, Crater Rim has always been an all-or-nothing location. We either find ourselves in a cloud, or it's an intensely glary sunrise with not a single cloud around. As it turned out we were blessed to the no-cloud option. Not ideal, but us photographers can't be picky. We'll work with whatever bone mother nature throws our way.

A big thank you to everyone who came along. You're all heroes for getting your butts out of bed early!

With this many people attending we had a hard time catching up personally with everyone. It was just like organising a party. So many people, so little time! If you feel neglected, make sure to call us out on the next meet-up.