When Rob and I started Hero Workshops we wanted to do things differently. We were passionate about passing on our love with photography in an active way, rather than running yet another photo tour outfit. 

We believe that it is important to learn photography in many short lessons that slowly build on each other. A fun and relaxed learning environment goes a long way towards retaining newly acquired knowledge. That is why we take turns between short but concise lessons, and practical application with a lot of time for individual questions. And since we do not feel at home in the classroom, we will spend as much time outdoors as possible. 

We want to help first-time camera owners with no photography knowledge to develop all skills they need to create beautifully shot and edited landscape images. At the same time we want to give experienced shooters an opportunity to mix and match workshops that fit their needs. 

Check out this diagram to better understand how the workshops build on each other:


While levels 1, 2 and 3 seamlessly connect to each other, photographers are free to jump on board at any stage. Let us have a look how the levels build on each other.

Level 1

If you just walked out of the store with your first camera, the Essentials workshop is your starting point. We will spend an afternoon exploring how your camera works. Short teaching segments are interpersed with a lot of practice and games. 

Level 2

If you already have a little knowledge about manual exposure and focus, then you can jump right into a Holiday, Mini Holiday or Landscapes workshop. Do not worry if you are a little rusty. We do a quick refresher of the most important basics at every workshop. Our student-to-tutor ratio is kept really low to have enough one-on-one time. 

The Holiday will allow you to condense the lessons of Landscapes, Lightroom and Photoshop into one long weekend in an amazing location. The Holiday also allows us much more time to apply your newly acquired skills in world-class spots around the country. 

No time for a four-day Holiday? Just combine a Landscapes or Mini Holiday workshop with our Lightroom and Photoshop workshops to cover the same curriculum.

Level 3

Our level 3 workshops are a good addition to your skill-set if you are familiar with basic landscape shooting already. Level 3 jumps right into the special shooting requirements for your field of specialisation. They also offer a higher proportion of shooting time than any of the other workshop except the Holiday

Do not worry if you need a quick refresher on a specific topic. We will have plenty of time to cover your questions. 


The following table will give you an overview of the most important prerequisites for each workshop. Please keep in mind that there might be additional requirements for an ideal learning outcome. See the individual workshop pages for details.



As you can see, it does not matter where you are in your photographic journey. Our workshops are designed to either carry you from zero to hero, or pick you up at any place in between. 

Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your requirements. We are looking forward to have a chat with you!