We live in the golden age of photography. A seemingly endless variety of amazing new camera equipment blazes past our eyes on Facebook, websites and in camera stores on any given day.

Product quality has improved a lot over the last decade, and so it has become difficult finding a bad camera for your money. But unlike our craving for new lenses, our bank balances do not bounce back quite as quickly. So over the next few months (leading up to Christmas, perhaps) we will get you up to speed on the best gear for your shooting style, as well as the best upgrade paths going forward. 


Our focus will be on landscape photography, but this guide will be general enough to cover a wider area of subject matters. We will  include all the major items a landscape photographer needs to capture images that blow your mind. 

Upcoming posts:

  • Camera Basics
  • Camera Advanced
  • Lenses
  • Tripods
  • Pano heads
  • Filters
  • Bags
  • Other accessories

In the next post will be looking at the basics of digital cameras, sensor size, focus systems, ergonomics and dynamic range. We will explore how these features impact your photography, and how to pick the best camera for your needs. Make sure to like our Facebook page or sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop!