New to Landscape Photography?

Take full creative control of your photography with our Winter Deal for 2018, and save 22% compared to booking individual workshops. 



  • The Hero Essentials require no previous knowledge. Learn how to take your camera out of auto in one afternoon.
  • Your next stop is the two-day Mini Holiday at Castle Hill two weeks later. Building on your Essentials knowledge, you will learn how to plan, compose and shoot your own landscape pictures in the Southern Alps near Christchurch. 
  • After a few weeks of practicing your landscape photography, you are ready for the next step. Learn the basics of editing and workflow on our Hero Lightroom course.
  • Take your editing skills to the next level with our Hero Photoshop course.


  • $1000 for four workshops and courses as listed above
  • That is 22% off compared to booking individual workshops
  • Includes:
    • Four handouts
    • A welcome package full of goodies
    • The Hero Cheat Sheet 
    • One night's accommodation in the mountains
    • A smile and a head full of new ideas

Landscape Booster

Think of our winter deal as a fast-track to boosting your landscape photography. We are looking forward to having you along for the ride! Please get in touch if you have any questions