Our history with Quail Island has been somewhat difficult. A few months ago another trip had first to be postponed, then cancelled altogether. The weather was just not playing ball, and given the many slippery sections around the island we decided to better not risk anyone's health. 

But since we really, really wanted to go to Quail Island, we promoted our upcoming Essentials beginners workshop to a holiday cruise.


But guess what: Once again we had to postpone by a day, once again the weather was not playing along. Then, finally, all the stars aligned for our little summer holiday expedition to Christchurch's former leper island.


Quail Island had a colourful history over the last 150 years. In the 1850s the island was farmed by two brothers, one of which died in a horrible accident. It changed ownership a few times, before becoming a staging area for several expeditions to Antarctica. For a time its shores even served as a boat graveyard. Despite its reputation the island served as a leprosy colony for only a short time.

Check out this article if you are interested in Quail Island's history. 

Luckily, our time on Quail Island was pleasant and entirely free of any disasters. We broke up our walk around the loop track with short lessons, games and exercises around the basics of exposure, focus and camera settings. By the end of the trip everyone seemed to be quite comfortable taking their cameras out of auto. Well done, all of you :)


The day would not have been half as much fun without the amazing people who put their collective fates in our hands. Quail Island class of 2018: You were fantastic!

Special thanks also to our friends at Black Cat Cruises. Since the scheduled ferry was full, they found us an extra boat and skipper, and got us there and back safely. We wish we could go to all of our destinations by boat :)