The perpetual ebb and flow of water is what brings seascapes to life. Explore with us how motion and reflections can be used to craft fascinating images. 

You will learn how to time your photography with tides, sunrises and sunsets. Composition is particularly challenging when your subject is in motion. Learn to control motion through your shutter speed, and how to balance your camera settings with ambient light by using filters.

Whether it is dynamic shots of waves crashing on rocks, or a dreamy long exposure look, we will send you home with the knowledge to create a wide range of photographic styles. 


Taylors Mistake, Christchurch


Sunday, 23/7/2017


A well-founded understanding of how to shoot seascapes and control motion
Four hours of tuition
Small group size of up to ten students
A handout
The Hero Cheat-Sheet
A $50 discount towards a Hero Holiday
Membership in the student-exclusive Hero Hangout Facebook group
Your personal welcome package full of goodies



The workshop fee is due in full upon booking.


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