Adobe Photoshop is the swiss army knife of photo editing software, and has a reputation for being a little overwhelming at first.

We will break down the bohemoth into its key components. Learn about basics like layers, masks and adjustments. Later, we will work our way up to more advanced tools and techniques like exposure blending, luminosity masking, cloning, and so much more. 

Explore with us how Photoshop picks up where Lightroom runs out of steam. We will show the best ways to approach tough editing challenges with real-world images. Our proven workflow will help you formulate your own editing strategy.

While we will have a quick look at Photoshop's image management tools, we will work under the assumption that your images are managed in Lightroom. See our Lightroom course for details. 

We will be available for questions throughout the course. Feel free to bring your laptop, but we will not be running practical exercises due to the limited time available. We will be available in the Hero Hangout Facebook group once you start working on your own files at home.


University of Canterbury, Christchurch


The Photoshop Kung-Fu to tackle complex editing challenges
Four hours of tuition
Small group size of up to ten students
A handout
A $50 discount towards a Hero Holiday
Membership in the student-exclusive Hero Hangout Facebook group



The workshop fee is due in full upon booking.


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