Join us for an introduction into landscape photography. You will learn how to be in the right place at the right time, using the right equipment. 

We will discuss the elements that make up a good landscape photograph, before diving into the details of planning and execution. Our proven shooting process will help you maximise your output.

Most of our time will be spent exploring the creative side of landscape photography. Topics include subject, composition, foreground, rule of thirds, symmetry, perspective, frames, separation, and much more. 

Shooting technique, gear, safety and maintenance are other topics we will be exploring in detail.


Christchurch Port Hills


Sunday, 27/8/2017


A well-founded understanding of how to plan, compose and shoot landscapes
Four hours of tuition
Small group size of up to ten students
A handout
The Hero Cheat-Sheet
A $50 discount towards a Hero Holiday
Membership in the student-exclusive Hero Hangout Facebook group
Your personal welcome package full of goodies



The workshop fee is due in full upon booking.


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